What is the average height of Chinese people?

China has gained recognition as one of the nations experiencing remarkable growth in average height. The Chinese people take great pride in this accomplishment. Consequently, there is a growing curiosity about the current average height of Chinese individuals and the factors that have contributed to their impressive growth rates. The following article by Choose Supplement, a publication that has garnered considerable attention, delves into this subject for further exploration.

The average height of Chinese people

Based on a study published in The Lancet medical journal in 2019, the average height of 19-year-old Chinese men was reported to be 175.7cm, while for women it was 163.5cm.

In the latest report from 2021 regarding the height of Chinese individuals, the average height for men has increased to 177cm, while for women it is now 165cm.

With these updated figures, China has emerged as the tallest country in Asia, approaching the global average height.

Rate of height growth of Chinese people

The Lancet medical journal’s evaluation also recognized China as the country with the highest rate of height increase among men. In 1985, Chinese men had an average height of only 1.68m, but by 2019, their height had increased to 175.7cm. This represents a remarkable growth rate of 9cm over a span of 34 years. Few countries in the world have achieved such impressive progress in height.

Chinese women have also exhibited impressive growth rates in height. From an average height of 158cm in 1985, their height increased to 163.5cm in 2019.

The Chinese population takes great pride in their height and the notable growth rates they have attained. A comment on the Weibo social network, “not only has the height of Chinese people increased, but also their status,” has received over 2,400 likes. The physical growth of the Chinese population reflects, in part, the rapid development of the economy and significant improvements in the quality of life over the past few decades.


Effective ways to increase height in China

The remarkable surge in the height of Chinese individuals in recent years is not merely a matter of chance. They have implemented numerous methods in their daily healthcare routine, establishing optimal conditions for maximizing height development. Let’s examine several effective approaches to height increase in China:

Increasing height by drinking milk

Based on statistics from 2018, milk consumption in China reached nearly 31 million tons, marking a five-fold increase compared to previous years. Milk is rich in essential nutrients for height development, such as calcium, vitamin D, and protein. By incorporating daily milk consumption into their routines, Chinese individuals are able to supplement their bodies with a significant amount of nutrients, thereby maintaining their health and fostering effective height growth.

Furthermore, milk is included as part of the diet in kindergartens and primary schools across China. This practice helps children establish the habit of drinking milk from a young age and sustain it throughout adulthood. As a result of regular milk consumption, Chinese children and adolescents exhibit robust health and experience notable height growth compared to previous generations.

Increasing height with a scientific nutritional regime

As economic growth continues, the daily meals of Chinese families have become increasingly diverse and nutritious. Chinese cuisine stands out for its distinctive blend of spices and the art of combining multiple ingredients in a single dish. By emphasizing balanced nutrition and incorporating the essence of Chinese cuisine, meals become more appealing to children, aiding in height improvement and healthcare.

Chinese individuals also prioritize the inclusion of various calcium-rich foods and essential vitamins in their meals. Ingredients such as eggs, seafood, green vegetables, and nuts are incorporated to support children’s growth in terms of height and overall health.

Increasing height through sleep

Chinese parents place significant importance on their children’s sleep. While education is crucial, sleep is given top priority. A restful night’s sleep enables children to stay alert, rejuvenated, and perform well academically, while also supporting optimal height development.

Several proposals have been put forth to alleviate academic pressure on Chinese students. For instance, it has been suggested that primary school students should not engage in studying after 9 pm, while junior and senior high school students should refrain from studying after 10 pm. By reducing study hours and emphasizing early and sufficient sleep, the aim is to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormones and support the full potential of bone growth. This approach ensures that children have the necessary conditions for optimal height development.

Increasing height through active exercise

Chinese youth have a strong affinity for basketball, and the country takes great pride in producing world-renowned basketball players with exceptional talent and height, such as Yao Ming. He serves as a symbol of national pride and serves as an inspiration for young Chinese individuals, promoting a love for sports, particularly basketball.

Basketball is recognized as an effective sport for height increase. The jumping and continuous movements involved in basketball stimulate flexible joints, foster healthy bone development, and contribute to optimal height growth. Additionally, basketball has gained immense popularity and is widely practiced throughout China, making it easily accessible for individuals who aspire to enhance their height through sports.


Increasing height through the use of supplements

The rapid economic development in China has led to increased busyness among many parents, leaving them with limited time to attend to their children’s meals. Consequently, the use of supplements has become a popular solution to ensure proper nutrition. The market for height-increasing supplements in China is vibrant, driven by their high convenience and notable effectiveness.

Tablet supplements, whether domestically produced or imported from countries like the US and Australia, are particularly favored for their simplicity of use and proven efficacy. In addition, traditional Chinese herbal supplements have gained significant attention. Traditional Chinese medicine, with its long-standing history, offers various herbal remedies believed to promote height increase in children. Many Chinese parents also explore massage and acupuncture therapies to stimulate bone growth and clear meridians, aiming to assist their children in achieving greater height.

Height Increase Surgery

While the average height in China is relatively high, there are still many young people who feel insecure, different, and inadequate due to their modest height. This psychological state is common among these individuals. When they reach an age where further natural growth is no longer possible, some turn to bone lengthening surgery in an attempt to improve their height. The obsession with height not only affects adolescents but also Chinese parents who are willing to spend substantial amounts of money and subject their children to pain to achieve the desired height.

Bone lengthening surgery involves cutting the bone and attaching a fixation device to regulate bone growth. Once the desired height is achieved, the device is removed, and the individual undergoes a physical rehabilitation process. The entire procedure takes over a year and comes with significant costs.

However, not everyone who undergoes bone lengthening surgery is successful, and many individuals have been left permanently disabled as a result of unsuccessful procedures. Consequently, surgery is not encouraged as a means of height increase.

Some Chinese parents make their children wear anti-hunchback belts from a young age to promote a straight spine and prevent the risk of dwarfism resulting from poor posture. Height-increasing classes are also prevalent in China, with a high number of enrolled children. These classes provide specialized diets and exercise programs aimed at promoting height growth.

Despite the favorable growth rate in height among young people in China, it has also resulted in various negative effects. In the eyes of Chinese society, being tall is often associated with power, authority, and correctness. This has led to height becoming an obsession for many individuals, driving them to take extreme measures to achieve their desired height. However, such pursuits should not be encouraged, as they can have adverse effects on health and, in some extreme cases, even endanger lives.

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