Can Running Make You Taller?

You have surely noticed that football, basketball, and volleyball players have larger physiques than their average peers, and we all know that playing sports can better your development. However, can low-intensity sports, like running, help you grow taller?

First, it is crucial to understand what factors influence your height potential during the growth period.

Key components that determine your height

Human growth hormone (HGH)

Children are able to grow taller as the HGH secretes the most during development years. Many habits influence this rate, such as sleep schedule and lifestyle. As long as your brain and body can continue to produce growth hormones, you still have the potential to get taller.

HGH is released the most during nighttime, between 10 pm and 1 am, which is why kids must sleep early and for at least 8 hours of sleep.

An active lifestyle that involves sports is an extra boost to HGH secretion. This explains why many athletes, no matter their profession, are taller than their average peers.


As for what determines mental and physical fuel and resources, your diet also holds a vital role in deciding your growth potential. A wholesome and balanced diet that contains a wide variety of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals gives the physical body all the energy and elements its needs to function properly and grow to its full potential.

Highly-processed, high-in-sugar, and greasy diets limit your development capability by preventing metabolic system function correctly, spiking glucose and sodium level in the blood. Though these meals tend to satisfy the palates more, they do more harm than good over the long term, like causing cardiovascular-related and inflammatory problems.


The benefits of running

Our bodies release a variety of growth hormones during exercise to aid in height gain. The body also generates vitamin D naturally when you jog outside in the morning, which improves calcium absorption. Furthermore, this promotes bone lengthening and bone mass.

Improve mental health

Running promotes social contact, improves your circadian rhythm, and strengthens your desire to keep achieving goals. It also reduces anxiety levels and stress.

In general, your brain unleashes dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin during exercise. They help regulate mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and enhance sleep quality. It is obvious that children have plenty of energy for the day, and having them exercise, one way or another, can make it easier to put them to bed early later on.

After running, your body releases endorphins, the neurotransmitters that give you satisfaction after workouts. This chemical is released when the body is under stress or pain. These feelings are quite common as workouts build up your muscles, bones, and tendons’ resistance by tearing them up on a micro-level to recover and become stronger.

Promote leaner, stronger, and healthier physique

By spending energy when running, your brain releases beneficial chemicals that make you feel refreshed and energized afterward. It helps reinforce your physical strength by shredding your muscles strategically. Exercising promotes bones and tendons resistance and density as well, so you can become not just stronger but also taller.

Your muscles and bones will grow stronger, especially if you combine different running styles. By doing so frequently, you become leaner by toning up your body.

Also, running supports cardiovascular and respiratory health, increases stamina, helps the body control weight well, better metabolic system, and minimizes illnesses. The heart and lungs are made of muscles like any other part of the body, so when running, you are training not just your limbs but also your inside health.

Running is an easy and gentle sport that effectively helps improve your well-being. Practicing this every day helps us have better health and prevents chronic diseases. To increase size in addition to running, it should be combined with a proper diet and rest.

It is highly recommended that you should visit your physician for a health examination to better understand your physical status, then practice accordingly. Though running is beneficial to your growth potential, overly doing so can have a reverse effect.


A few things to keep in mind before your run

Prior to your run, it is important to carefully go over a few things to make the most out of it:

Choose the proper clothing

Your shoes should be light, non-slip, well-fit, and specialized for running to avoid falling. For the outfit, you should choose the correct fit and comfy option. The fabric must be breathable and elastic.

Warm up adequately before running

Before exercising, you should warm up carefully to prevent muscle cramps and joint-related injuries. Based on your physical capability, select the correct intensity to run. You should push your limit but only at a reasonable rate over time to build up resistance. Do not extremely overdo your body’s tolerance, especially if you have serious underlying conditions.

Know when and where to practice

The greatest time to exercise is in the morning when there is sunshine since it helps the body naturally produce vitamin D. The health effects of UV radiation before noon are minimal. On the other hand, you can run indoors if you are unable to exercise in the sun. Avoid the negative effects of the cold air on your health by not practicing outside on frigid and snowy days. When the body feels poorly, it is a good indicator to skip and rest for a few days.

Replenished your body with appropriate nutrients afterward

Increase your water intake after running to maintain healthy blood consistency. You can also opt for sports drinks for a balance electrolyte level though they should not replace water totally. It is vital to pay attention to your calorie intake and nutrient intake so that you will not have to face obesity or malnutrition. Protein is beneficial for recovery while carbohydrates provide energy, and leafy greens, dairy, and unsaturated fats give you all the required vitamins and minerals to grow taller.


So can running make you taller?

In an indirect way, absolutely yes, as long as your epiphyseal plates remain open!

Running an activity that requires minimal to no special equipment and you can do so at your own convenience. It is important to build a habit out of it. With such consistency and by following a healthy lifestyle, you can surely grow taller.

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