What is the average height of a 4-year-old?

Every parent wants to see their child grow up healthy and happy. But how do you know if your child is growing up healthy? Normally, if your kid is smaller than 95% of children their age and their rate of growth is slow, it often indicates some medical issue. However, as long as your child’s height is still within the normal rate, there is nothing you should worry about. In this article, we will reveal the average height of a 4-year-old in the U.S.

What is the average height for a 4-year-old boy in feet?

The average height of a 4-year-old boy is 3 feet 4.7 inches tall (106 centimeters), according to World Health Organization (WHO) [1].

Between the ages of 4 and 5, boys normally grow from 2.5 to 3 inches taller, and this pattern is likely to last throughout their teenage years.


What is the average height for a 4-year-old girl in feet?

The average height of a 4-year-old girl is also about 3 feet 4.7 inches tall (106 centimeters), according to WHO [2].

At the age of four, girls are proximately at the same height as boys. Just like boys, girls will continue to grow an additional 2.5 inches between the ages of four and five.

It’s fascinating to note that, until adolescence, boys and girls are about the same height at every developmental stage, with girls frequently being somewhat taller than boys.

Why should parents pay attention to the average height of 4-year-olds?

Height is an integral feature that can reflect a lot about a child’s developmental situation. Parents can compare their four-year-old’s height to other kids their age to see if their child is developing normally.

Parents can use internet calculators to calculate their 4-year-old’s body mass index (BMI). This is one approach to determine whether they are carrying too much (or too little) body mass or if they could be having some other developmental problems.

Helpful tips to help your child grow taller

Unquestionably, genetics play a major role in how tall a person will eventually be, yet height is not solely determined by genetics.

In reality, a variety of external factors, such as a healthy diet or regular exercise can have a significant impact on your child’s height. As a result, parents can raise the likelihood of their children becoming taller by utilizing the correct methods.

Let’s look at these widely shared methods for promoting your child’s height growth.


A healthy and balanced diet

The most important thing you can do to help your kids grow taller is to make sure they eat healthy food. Children must eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes nutrient-dense foods from several food groups, including proteins, lipids, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

At the same time, parents should make an effort to keep kids away from junk food, including fried foods in general and burgers, pizza, cakes, and aerated sweetened beverages. Your children will grow taller and stronger as a result of eating a nutritious, balanced diet, which also promotes overall health.

In addition, do you know that multivitamins are also recommended for children under 5 years old by the government? [3]. Taking supplements is advised because they are generally packed with nutrients that support height and natural growth rate. Here are some growth-increasing supplements that are highly recommended for kids: NuBest Tall Kids, SmartyPants Kids, Throne Kids Multi, etc.


Skipping can help your kids grow taller as their entire body is stretched out while they skip, which effectively encourages height increase. This is a fantastic cardio exercise to keep your kids fit and healthy.


Swimming is quite the “golden” activity to promote kids’ growth. It is a full-body workout that strengthens every muscle in the body and aids in weight loss. The sport’s consistent forward stretching effectively strengthens the spine, establishing the foundation for a tall, lean, and healthy body. The age of four is a great time for kids to start learning about swimming.

Hanging exercises

Height gain can be significantly influenced by hanging workouts. Children’s spines are lengthened to provide room for growth while they dangle from bars. If you want your children to become taller, you can teach them to perform a hanging exercise correctly and safely. Parents should watch over their children during these workouts to prevent any possible harm.

Stretching exercises

Even basic stretching exercises can significantly aid in children’s height development. Parents should encourage children to engage in stretching activities from a young age to maximize their growth potential because stretching regularly enhances their posture and lengthens the spine. Start with easy exercises, such as having them sit on the floor with their legs apart and touch their toes.



You should never underestimate the influence of good sleep. The majority of the growth hormone is released when your children are sleeping. Therefore, if your kids get too little sleep, their physical development can be stunted. For your kids to grow taller and stronger, parents should ensure they get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

Drinking milk

Needless to say, milk provides a wealth of minerals, including calcium, protein, vitamin D, and vitamin A, all essential for healthy bone growth. Additionally, milk’s fat content is essential for neurological development and brain growth. Two to two and a half cups of milk should be consumed daily by children between the ages of two and five. But if your children are allergic to cow’s milk, you can switch to plant-based milk instead. Soy milk is a good alternative because it contains nutritional contents that are pretty much similar to those of cow’s milk.


For kids, posture is crucial to growing taller. Slumping and slouching put excessive strain on the spine and harm the body. Over time, bad posture might stunt their growth by changing the way their spine develops. Therefore, developing proper posture early on can help children become taller while preventing long-term health problems.



Sunlight provides vitamin D and improves calcium absorption, which directly contributes to your kids’ height growth by extending their bones and boosting their muscle strength. Parents should often encourage kids to play outside in the sun.

Ideal body weight

Children’s growth and health are negatively affected by being overweight. However, it can be challenging to determine whether your child is overweight or not. Therefore, you should consult your doctor or a health expert for the most accurate information.

In conclusion,

To properly take care of a 4-year-old child, you need to consider many factors such as their nutritional requirements, their current height, and weight as well as their mental health. As we’ve already mentioned, heredity influences height to a large extent. However, a child’s height can also be influenced by other environmental factors like diet, activity, and sleep. Because of this, it’s critical for 4-year-old boys and girls to consume a balanced, healthy diet and get a full night’s sleep to grow up healthy and happy.

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