Premier Diet Keto Review

If you’re thinking about purchasing the Premier Diet Keto supplement, chances are you’re already familiar with the basics of ketosis. But for those who aren’t, let’s have a quick refresher. Normally, the body uses carbohydrates as its primary energy source. However, when there is a lack of carbohydrates, the liver begins to produce “ketone bodies” which are used to metabolize fat into energy. This state is called “ketosis.” Because the body burns fat as its main energy source during ketosis, weight loss can be significant.

As knowledge of this phenomenon has spread in recent years, more and more people have turned to the low-carb “keto diet” to achieve rapid and sustainable weight loss. However, adhering to the strict low-carb lifestyle required for this diet can be challenging. As a result, people have been searching for ways to mimic the effects of the keto diet without having to follow a low-carb lifestyle indefinitely. Products like the Premier Keto Diet supplement have emerged to meet this demand.

This supplement is one of a slew of recently introduced supplements that aim to let people enjoy many of the benefits of the diet without having to change their entire relationship to food in the process.

Instead, products like this claim to be able to produce keto-like fat burning effects over a short period. But do they? Does it work? Let’s take a look.

What are Ingredients in Premier Diet Keto?

You might have seen this product by Shark Tank where it was subjected to some pretty intense scrutiny by Mark Cuban and his investor buddies. The product emerged with an endorsement (not all products on the show do), and since then vast numbers of people from coast to coast and beyond have expressed interest in it. But that alone is not proof that it works. To determine the likelihood of that we need first to take a look at the Premier Diet Keto ingredients.

  • ​Hydroxycitric acid – Hydroxycitric acid, commonly referred to as HCA, is known in athletic circles for its ability to enhance both the intensity and duration of the physical performance. Some have claimed that HCA aids in fat burning and is, therefore, a valuable tool in the weight loss toolbox. However, while it seems apparent that HCA helps people lose weight, it’s likely that said weight loss is more a function of HCA’s ability to suppress appetite rather than burn fat.
  • ​​Ginger – Ginger is one of the wildcards of traditional Chinese medicine used for everything from alleviating headaches to calming the stomach to lowering blood pressure and more. It has also demonstrated an ability to help boost the immune system, provide faster recovery after vigorous workouts and perhaps most importantly, help you feel full faster. Feeling full is essential if one is to control food intake and give ketosis and keto-like effects the best chance to produce positive results.
  • ​BHB – Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB is one of the first ketone bodies the liver produces when it is undergoing the shift to ketosis. Its job is simple: to seek out fat and metabolize it into fuel for the body. The actual chemical and physiological mechanisms underpinning BHB are extraordinarily complex but suffice to say that without it, ketosis would be impossible. Being that it is such a key player in the keto dynamic its inclusion here makes perfect sense.
  • Avocado – Avocado is rich in healthy fats, and as such it makes an ideal addition to the ingredient list here. After all, BHB is intended to mimic keto effects and help trick your body into burning fat. Therefore, you need to give it fats to burn, especially if you have already lost much of your body fat to the low-carb lifestyle. So, while some will scratch their heads when seeing this on the ingredient list, it makes perfect sense here from the perspective of creating a well-rounded supplement.
  • L-Arginine – There is a mounting body of evidence that L-arginine may help promote weight loss when used in conjunction with a low carb lifestyle. It’s also shown promise aiding in the production of lean, strong muscles. Some studies have concluded that L-arginine may help set the stage for fat burning while at the same time helping to minimize the production of new fat cells. When taken together, these abilities to promote weight loss, prevent the generation of new fat cells and build lean, healthy muscle make it an ideal ingredient in a keto-related supplement.


Are there any Side Effects?

None of the above-listed ingredients are known to produce any remarkable side effects when taken as directed with the possible exception of ginger. When taken in excessive amounts ginger may lead to heartburn, diarrhea, easy bruising, bleeding or skin irritation.

L-arginine too may produce some less than pleasant side effects if taken in excess. Those symptoms may include elevated heart rate, skin rash, dizziness, and coughing. These are based on other Premier Diet Keto reviews as well.

Bear in mind as well that there are some artificial fillers in play here too. So if you’re looking for an all-natural experience, you may want to give Premier Keto Diet a pass.


The Bottom Line: Is Premier Diet Keto The Best?

There’s little doubt that the ingredients in this supplement are potentially game changers when it comes to your overall health and well-being.

That said, however, Premier Diet Keto reviews reveal a notable number of apparently dissatisfied individuals. Perhaps what the proprietary ingredient list is hiding is the fact that the makers of this product have not included enough of any of the ingredients to make a quantifiable difference when it comes to fat burning.

As such, we do not recommend it to our readers but we do have another Shark Tank product that we have also tested and actually proved effective.

Purefit Keto is a BHB supplement that can actually get you into ketosis. With its effective ingredients, you will be losing weight in no time. With its feature on Shark Tank, there’s no doubt why this supplement has gotten so much traction in the world of keto. If you’re ready to take the plunge on Purefit Keto, click the button above.

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