Does Playing Badminton Increase Height?

Like other sports, badminton is fun to play as well as brings many benefits to human health. But does playing badminton increase height?

Until now, there is no scientific evidence or research that this sport cannot help a person get taller. Although you can get some effects when playing it during your growing years, if you are a fully grown adult or your growth plates are close, you cannot add any inches to your vertical look.

Feel disappointed?

If you feel disappointed to know this and want to stop playing, do not be hurried. In fact, badminton might be a great help in the quest for supporting height growth.

What does it mean?

Badminton, or any other sport, cannot change your DNA or make completely formed bones longer. However, jumping, sprinting, and stretching while practicing it help improve muscle tone as well as limber up the bones, making you appear taller.

Ways badminton can help you become taller


Help you become leaner

Badminton is a low-impact sport that might improve the body’s aerobic capacity. That is because you need to run and jump a lot, and these activities are helpful for enhancing fitness. As a result, you can keep your weight in check, making you thinner. And do you know that leaner people appear taller?

Improve your posture

While playing badminton, you have to stretch and extend your whole body. And when you engage in it regularly and consistently, it can help straighten your spine as well as loosen and extend your muscles. As a result, you can sit and stand taller instead of slouching, a bad habit that makes you look shorter.

Your gait is also improved thanks to this sport. Since it requires a lot of jumping, twisting, and reaching, it brings a strengthening effect on your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, which are all necessary for walking.

Extend your spine

The spine is made of 33 vertebrae which have spaces between each other. Hence, if you play badminton, which requires a lot of stretching, these spaces will increase to extend your spine and make you appear taller.

Guide to playing badminton for height growth



It is necessary to follow proper nutrition when playing badminton since you need to balance the amount of energy consumed with a healthy diet. Make sure to eat all the nutrients, especially calcium, protein, and vitamins to produce enough energy for extending muscles and bones for height gain.

Below are the top foods you should not miss while engaging in this sport.

  • Poultry lean meat for building up muscles and bones
  • Dairy milk for strengthening bones
  • Salmon for improving eyesight
  • Bananas for boosting concentration
  • Broccoli and potatoes for enhancing energy
  • Brown rice for improving stamina
  • Dark chocolate for increasing calories instantly
  • Almonds for lowering fatigue
  • Greek yogurt for recovering after working out

Sleep and rest

You might excessively stress and injure yourself in the quest of transforming the body. That is why you need to sleep and rest properly. A deep and good sleep leads to relaxation in the brain, which in turn stimulates human growth hormones. HGHs are known as one of the important factors that control how tall you grow from childhood to adulthood.


Aside from playing badminton, you should engage in other workouts to optimize health benefits.

Including yoga poses in your regime help enhance your flexibility as it helps extend your muscles as well as ease the stress on your body. It is also a good protection for injuries or sprains that might happen while playing badminton. What is more, practicing yoga might make you appear taller as some specific poses aid in extending your spinal column and heightening the muscles surrounding it.

Pull-ups are another excellent exercise that might improve your performance during the game. Performing it regularly could build up your back muscles and shape your latissimus dorsi, strengthening your arms muscles and abdomens as well as improving your posture.

How often should you train?

Most experts recommend that playing about 45 to 60 minutes three to four days per week will be enough. Also, the best time to practice it is in the morning or evening as this helps expand your skeletal muscles, supporting height gain. But remember that elevation changes will not happen overnight. Instead, you need to exercise regularly as well as eat healthily and rest properly.

Other health benefits of playing badminton


Aid weight loss

For beginners, badminton is a good cardio workout. When you run back and forth across the court and swing the racket, you can boost your heart rate and burn calories. This sport also requires fast movements and reflexes that help continue burning calories when you are not actively playing.

Improve mobility

Moving around the court with speed and consistency helps lubricate your joints, extend your muscles, and boost flexibility. That means if you play badminton consistently, this sport will not let your bones lose their density.

Strengthen lung function

The more you play, the stronger your lungs will be. Because you have to move around a lot, this makes your lungs work harder to take in more oxygen, making their capacity larger.

Improve heart function

A healthy heart is, of course, vital for making the body perform in the correct way. Playing badminton regularly lowers the levels of “bad” cholesterol and increases the levels of good cholesterol. As a result, it results in a reduced danger of hypertension, heart attack, and stroke.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

While you need to carry out quick movements in this game, your heart rate will be increased. Also, it helps enhance muscle mass and burn calories, which are necessary for keeping a healthy weight. As a result, you can lower the risk of developing diabetes.

Prevent insomnia

Engaging in badminton or any physical activity tires your body and mind, allowing you to fall asleep with ease. Besides, social interaction in this sport might lower stress levels, which contributes to better sleep.

Final verdict

If you finish your growth period, playing badminton may not increase your height, but it does make you appear taller as well as bring other health benefits mentioned above. So, if you know this and are lucky enough to engage in this sport during your growing years, the chance of getting taller is possible. Also, you need to combine it with nutritious foods and proper rest to enhance your growth potential.

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