Does losing weight make you taller?

Losing weight brings countless benefits for you in many aspects. It may help you prevent the risk of heart disease, glucose and lipid-related diseases, and arthritis. However, does it have a significant impact on your height or even help you grow taller? This article will resolve your questions.

How to find out if you are overweight or not

To answer the question “does losing weight make you taller?”, first you need to find out whether you need to cut back some pounds (or grams). To see if you are overweight or not, you need to calculate your number to compare with the Body Mass Index (BMI). To determine BMI, one requires to know their height and weight. Measuring weight and height in the metric system results in highly accurate data. However, the BMI calculation has been modified to work with imperial measurement. With the use of a measuring tape and a scale, these measures can be obtained at home. If you cannot do it yourself, it is recommended to visit your family doctor and have the professionals’ help.

Measurement Formula
Metric (Kilograms & Meters) Weight (kg)Height (m)2
Imperial (Pounds & Inches) Weight (lb)Height (in)2703

This BMI formula is calculated and applicable for people 20 years of age and older using conventional weight status categories. Men and women of all ages and physical kinds fall into the same groups. [1]

BMI Weight Status
<18.5 Underweight
18.5×24.9 Healthy Weight
25×29.9 Overweight
>30 Obesity

For kids and teens under the age of 20, it is best to visit your family doctor for the best result as a variety of factors during this growth stage can affect the outcome.

Effects of losing weight on yourself


Physical appearance

Losing weight helps your body get slimmer overall, which creates the illusion of getting taller. For example, two individuals of the same, and age can surely look different if one is slimmer than the other. This illusion is advantageous for your appearance and first impression of others.

Physical well-being

Shedding some weight is significantly helpful for your health. You now have a lower risk of some chronic diseases, such as high blood lipid levels, high blood glucose levels, and high blood pressure.

Losing weight also lightens up the total load that your bones and joints have to bear every day. This helps improve your flexibility and mobility. It also decreases your chances of bone and joint-related problems like arthritis.

Aside from the above, losing weight also promotes a stronger cardiovascular system and lungs. Having a slender body will avert your heart and lungs from overload compared with a bigger person. By now bloody circulation and oxygen circulation will function better, and you surely feel more refreshed.

Mental well-being

Better physical appearance can help improve your mood and self-esteem. By having better blood and oxygen circulation, your brain will have more clarity to function more effectively. With more energy, you will less likely to easily feel irritated and more excited about new experiences. With such a positive mindset, your mental well-being will surely be better, which leads to a happy life.

How to lose weight effectively


Watch your calorie intake and outtake

The foundation of losing weight is watching what and how much you eat. High-caloric foods are mainly processed, full of preservatives, and nutrient deficient. If your daily calorie intake is less than the minimum amount needed to function normally, the body will tap into excessive fat for energy.

Exercise more

Exercise is a way to boost your calories burned daily. Staying active is beneficial for your bones and muscles. Workout also promotes a healthy cardiovascular system and lungs. This leads to better oxygen flowing through the body and brain. As a result, your brain will function better, giving you more clarity through the balance level of brain chemicals.

It is crucial to remember to have a light snack before exercising. You can push your limit but make it reasonable. Don’t over-practice as you may risk injury, exhaustion, and quitting tendency.

Eat more greens and protein – limit unhealthy foods

Leafy greens and vegetables provide your body with crucial vitamins and minerals for a healthy body. They also supply a good source of fiber that helps slow down the absorption of excess glucose and fat. Protein is the foundation for strong muscles. After working out, you need to replenish yourself with protein to support muscle recovery and growth. Don’t ignore carbohydrates as they are the energy source for your body and brain. It is highly recommended to consume complex carbohydrates like whole grains to slow down the sugar intake.

Avoid junk food and sweet treats on a regular basis. These are harmful to you as they increase the risks of high sodium or sugar issues. It is fine for you to grab your favorite snack occasionally, but you have to make sure that it will not affect your diet plan.

Sleep better

After a highly active day, especially after exercising, sleep is crucial for the body. Sleep supports energy recovery for your body and mind. During the developing stage, growth hormones are released mostly between 10 pm and 1 am every day. This hormone is directly responsible for your height growth. Others will perceive you grow taller quicker if you are in your growth stage and losing weight at the same time.

Discipline is key

The one thing that holds these key elements together is discipline. It is quite easy to take the first step into a new lifestyle, but quite difficult to maintain the process. Losing weight is a journey, not a one-day solution, so you will need patience and discipline to successfully look better, and might even be taller.

To wrap it up

Losing weight does not have a permanent and direct impact on your height, but it promotes a healthy body function and lifestyle. It also creates the illusion of getting taller as you get slimmer if your height remains the same. First, you will need to know your BMI number and check with your family doctor for the best guidance in shedding some weight. Losing weight is not easy and you need tough discipline to achieve your desired result. It will help establish positive habits that are beneficial to your height growth.

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